• Tea & Coffee Set
  • Tea pot n°1 • Dia16 * H17.5 cm
  • Tea cup n°2 • Dia10.5 * H13.8 cm
  • Coffee cup n°3 • Dia10.5 * H13.4 cm
  • Milk jug n°4 • Dia6.7 * H8.6 cm
  • Sugar bowl n°5 • Dia12 * H17.1 cm

Ikebe could be Japanese, Ikebe could be African, Ikebe could hail its name from the International Klein Blue (IKB), the well-known deep blue hue first mixed by the French artist Yves Klein in 1960. Ikebe is all that at the same time. Ikebe is a childhood dream, exotic, exuberant and yet strangely familiar.

Ceramic in glossy blue indigo or celadon green glaze finish