• Les Immobiles n2
  • Les Immobiles n2
  • Les-Immobiles-No.1-&-No.2-2m
  • Les-Immobiles-No.1-&-No.2-&-No.3

Les immobiles N°2

  • Candleholder 2 • L18,7*W14,5*H60cm
  • Plated metal coated with glossy champagne finish
  • Black powder coated metal

Whimsical, abstract and refined, Les Immobiles collection pays homage to these prodigious artists such as Rodchenko, Calder or Tinguely, who once claimed to question movement, gravity and perception.
Breaking from the traditional candleholder design, Les Immobiles celebrate the freedom of motion and the unpredictability of movement though dynamic lines, apparent instability and reflective elements. Graphic and geometric, sophisticated yet playful, each of Les Immobiles has been sculptured as a delightful art piece.