• Rose Sélavy Vanity Desk&Stool marquetry
  • Rose Sélavy Vanity Desk&Stool marquetry_Major Tom Armchair_01

Rose Sélavy Marquetry vanity desk

Vanity desk • W93.5 * D62 * H138.6 cm
Stool • W57 * D46 * H64 cm / SH44 cm
Designed by Thomas Dariel / 2021

The Rose Sélavy name hails from the fictional character created by French artist and Dadaist Marcel Duchamp. With dainty lines and a subtle colour combination of soft pastels and pink-brushed metal, Rose Sélavy is an ode to femininity. The tabletop features a very fine box where one can store their jewellery, as well as two mirrors – a round and extra-large one at the centre and a smaller one that can be detached from the table and used as a hand mirror.
Marquetry, a decorative furniture surface technique that require immense technical skill and precision deriving from a French word meaning “inlaid work” – an art of creating decorative designs using contrasting veneers, a process that was completely done by hand. With the marquetry technique, it adds an element of style and creativity to this original piece of furniture.

Desktop in color-painted multiple veneer
Structure in MDF • Metal legs with painted multiple veneer
Fixed accessory compartments in painted african ebony veneer
Stool structure in painted MDF • seating upholstered in nature leather
Metal parts plated with Champagne colour finish
Central Mirror • clear mirror
Side Mirror • one side clear, one side magnifying


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